waterproof remote led dimmer 12vdc

Key-Press LED Dimmer 12V 8Amp for single color strip
Key-Press LED Dimmer 12V 8Amp for single color strip

Led dimmer 12 v using the unique technology to control the input current tubes, the input current is shaped, led dimmer 12 v can also use most electronic transformer and dimmers no flash support work. Led dimmer 12 v using proprietary the input current control mechanism so that the construction of led lights compatible in electronic transformer design, and support along the dimmer
Led dimmer 12 v features:
1, high performance is stable and reliable, and led dimmer 12 v in simulation of a harsh environment long time aging, didn’t appear any negative influence;
2, product variety specification complete, the led dimmer 12 v can be is widely used in all kinds of led lamps and lanterns;
3, led dimmer 12 v with short circuit, current temperature compensation function, can be in-20 ~ + 60 ℃, such as lightning protection function;
4, design the PWM control chip technology stable, reduce light failure;
5, low fever, and it is stabilization and reliable, led dimmer 12 v use high-quality components to ensure that the power to live longer, more secure and reliable;
6, compatible with silicon controlled dimmers, realize 0 ~ 100% dimmer, adjust even, led dimmer 12 v, obvious effects

5W Remote Controlled Color Changing Bulb (Remote Included) with GU5.3 Base (MR16)
5W Remote Controlled Color Changing Bulb (Remote Included) with GU5.3 Base (MR16)

12vdc dimmer capacitance using ruby low resistance of high frequency long life series of ruby capacitance and well-known IC, reliable quality stable function,12vdc dimmer can realize the 0-100% dimmer dimmer process without blinking.
12vdc dimmer characteristics:
1: constant current output driver, 12vdc dimmer excellent performance thyristor stepless adjustment light power supply, and the light smooth, stable, no flash. Output can take 8 to 15 of the high power LED series 1 W lights bead.
2: move light of silicon controlled instruments have very good compatibility, 12vdc dimmer and support the before and after cutting phase dimmers and pressure regulating ShiDiao light device.
3: volume is small and exquisite, 12vdc dimmer apply to LED PAR light, shoot the light, absorb dome light, canister light etc LED lamps built-in drive power supply.

LED Controllers
LED Controllers

remote led dimmer can be setup time automatic or artificial to partition, the lines without electricity or power points, energy saving and extend the service life of the lamps. Remote led dimmer switch can not only to be automatic timing, and in different sections, to different areas, and in different time set up automatic switch.
remote led dimmer system function:
The automatic control function: remote led dimmer according to season change to automatically adjust the lamp switch time and, according to switch lamps and lanterns.
Alarm function: communication interrupt, bright lights rate is too low, fails to switch happens, remote led dimmer monitoring center has alarm display.
Display features: remote led dimmer electronic map showing every road lamps and other important information switch state.
Data storage function: remote led dimmer monitoring equipment and server database to store in recorded history. Remote maintenance function: equipment of collection and communication module have remote parameter setting and maintenance function.


Waterproof led dimmer a waterproof, dustproof, corrosion resistance of a kind of external type led drive power supply. This series of waterproof led dimmer, waterproof level IP67, waterproof led dimmer has volume is small and exquisite, cost-effective and has more can automatically control the heating up, to ensure normal light shine, and avoid such as the common power to cause light on the rise accelerate failure, and produce a vicious circle. Waterproof led dimmer suitable for high humidity, high dust, work under strong vibration, joins convenient, easy to use strong, stable performance, long service life, heat treatment science, with load ability, waterproof led dimmer convenient customer design and produce excellent led lighting products in order to meet the demand of the market, waterproof led dimmer complying with CE, RoHs standards. Waterproof led dimmer first choice of the application of power supply.

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