waterproof led lighting strips spotlights for light bulb

GU10 Bi-pin Base
GU10 Bi-pin Base

Waterproof spotlights is a projected out of light. It can influence within the beam objects, living in the shadows and special effects. Waterproof spotlights is mainly used in road in animation set lights, or as a seed objects connected to another object.
Waterproof spotlights on the light must not be more than 120 degree Angle, or light is not waterproof spotlights the effect. Waterproof spotlights the ever-present jolly in 90 degree Angle to had better choose the following. The light of the shadow of the general fuzzy value for 8 can.

Waterproof spotlights features:
1, unique design, product delicate strong practicability
2, multi-function, multipurpose, lighting, warning, blasting flash
3, products with magnets device, when using, to put, express the convenient
4, this product has your expectation of the excellent quality and convenient.
5, and can be widely used in cars, such as cruise dust removal. So that you have a healthy and comfortable space.

9W(Three 3 watt) LED Spot Light Bulb with E27 Base 40 Watt Halogen Bulbs Replacement
9W(Three 3 watt) LED Spot Light Bulb with E27 Base 40 Watt Halogen Bulbs Replacement

1. Waterproof light bulb features:
Waterproof light bulb using the fourth generation of green light, high power LED module components as the light source. Specially design and manufacture of a new generation of green environmental protection lamps and lanterns. Waterproof light bulb has security, power saving, long service life, no pollution, convenient maintenance, etc.
2. Waterproof light bulb main purposes and applicable scope: waterproof light bulb can be used for a gas or coal dust explosion danger of the coal mine, in the mobile equipment used for lighting.
3. waterproof light bulb Type of composition and representative meaning: D: lamps G: every critical Y: the mobile equipment is by L: LED lights
4. Waterproof light bulb use environmental conditions:
A. environmental temperature is not more than 45 degrees, not less than-20 degrees.
B. air relative humidity was 95% (25 degrees).
C. use place non-corrosive gases.

GU5.3 Base (MR16) 5W Color Changing LED Light Bulb with Remote Controller
GU5.3 Base (MR16) 5W Color Changing LED Light Bulb with Remote Controller

Waterproof led spotlights explains:
Application: apply to waterproof led spotlights exhibition hall, museum, outdoor eaves, edges of the place for light, blob-shaped effect projection, museum of art and the office of local lighting. Waterproof led spotlights also widely applies in the market, the bar of ambry exhibits lighting. Such as gold and silver jewelry, fashion, make up for insufficient local luminance, etc.
Waterproof led spotlights features:
The shell adopts the high quality aluminum die casting and become, radiating performance is superior, the waterproof led spotlights used in indoor and outdoor use.
Waterproof led spotlights imported super bright led lamp bead, a built-in constant-current driving power, ensure lamps stable performance.
Based on the actual working voltage applications require the use selected: 12 V 24 V 110 V 220 V
Recommend using monochromatic ChangLiang effect, waterproof led spotlights use life 80000 hours or more.

9W LED Spot Light Bulb with GU10 Base--40 Watt Halogen Bulbs Replacement
9W LED Spot Light Bulb with GU10 Base–40 Watt Halogen Bulbs Replacement

Waterproof led spot is mainly used for decoration, commercial space lighting as well as the construction decoration lighting, etc, with led technology’s development and progress, currently on the market waterproof led spot performance advantage is very outstanding.
The waterproof led spot high purity aluminium reflex plate, beam the most accurate reflection effects, best; Symmetric type narrow Angle, wide Angle and asymmetric and light distribution system, and waterproof led spot are provided the index plate, people can according to the scale to adjust the illuminate Angle. The waterproof performance is high, energy saving, high performance advertising light box, wall project-light lamp special waterproof led spot.
Waterproof led spot features:
1. Save electricity: waterproof led spot of reflectors with strong refraction function, 10 watts around power could create a strong light.
2. Spotlighting: concentrated light, can highlight or emphasize certain objects or space, adornment effect is obvious waterproof led spot.
3. Comfortable: the color of the waterproof led spot close to natural light, the light reflection to metope, not dazzling.
4. Change: can use small bulbs make a different cast effect.

IP65 Waterproof 36W Linear RGB LED Wall Washer with DMX
IP65 Waterproof 36W Linear RGB LED Wall Washer with DMX

Waterproof led lighting strips before production with integral ball, strong light tester chips for incoming inspection, to ensure material supply of quality. Waterproof led lighting strips in production in temperature contrast tester confirm color led bulk material supply, using test board finished product appear off color and brightness confirm different problems to ensure the finished product color temperature and brightness consistency.
Waterproof led lighting strips to clean the surface of the solder joints, jose, even a whole board face not have clear off color to become yellow phenomenon, we stood in the point of view of the user inspection waterproof led lighting strips surface quality, meet all the requirements of our customers.
Waterproof led lighting strips the shape of the products is like a soft belt, has the very strong flexibility, folding bending, the surface has little power division even led patch lamp ball, the light of the lighter hair to replace the traditional lighting. Waterproof led lighting strips the light intensity bigger, and feel comfortable as well as the concept of environmental protection.

1 Meters DC 12V Single-Chip Flexible LED Strip Light Starting
1 Meters DC 12V Single-Chip Flexible LED Strip Light Starting

Waterproof led light strips the very soft for PCB substrate, ultra bright led lights as patch three core, use waterproof joint MINI connected, delicate and cabinet, there are 12 VDC and 24 VDC two specifications can be chosen.
2, completely transparent flexible waterproofing material packaging, lamp, the soft, waterproof led light strips can be bent freely, stable quality, use reliable.
3, every three star LED (12 VDC) or five star LED (24 VDC) to a group, waterproof LED light strips can be used according to demand length, between cut in each unit.
4, LED the center distance of 33 mm (12 VDC) or 20 mm (24 VDC).
5, waterproof led light strips have white, warm white two light color.
6, white PCB and copper lubricious PCB can be chosen
7, special waterproof materials, guarantee in 20 ° C-to + 40 ° C under the environment of the use, waterproof led light strips can keep the soft light to the characteristics of the model.
8, waterproof led light strips can be applied to the room inside and outside decoration, window lighting, etc.

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