The Mini Controller Family for Low Voltage LED light

In some cases, the installation of LED light is limited by space, so some smart and small size product is required.

For the LED strip, there is a new Mini controller series developed.

In this Mini Controller Family, there is Mini RGB controller, Mini Dimmer, Mini Amplifier.

And to suit different connection cases, these controllers appeared in different ways.

The Mini RGB controller with remote in various connection mode.

The Mini Dimmer in various connection mode.

Below is an illustration on how to connect the dimmer.

Like the big size controller, the Mini controller has limit in rated load. One of the Mini controllers is limited to load with 144watt only. If the strip load exceed the rated data, we can extend the connection by using the Mini RGB amplifier (applicable for RGB strip and Single color strip too).

The Mini Amplifier in various connection mode

Below is a illustration on how to use the amplifier

A circuit diagram for complete application of the Mini controller/dimmer, Mini amplifier, Power

Supply, 5050 RGB strip shows as below.  In theory, by adding the amplifier, we can realize to control

as more strip as possible by one controller.

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