The choices for interior LED lighting source

Users choose interior LED lighting only to achieve the two purposes: basic lighting of large area and accent lighting of small area.

Requirements vary on choosing different lamps for application.

Generally speaking, flood lamp always be used in interior basic lighting, reach a certain brightness, and the human eyes can feel comfortable, that’s enough. The light source couldn’t produce the discomfort glare in visual (contrasting light or too much reflected light), which should be in appropriate selection. It’s better to choose LED down light/tube light with PC or frosted cover, also try LED bulb(PC cover) as direct lighting. Power (wattage) of the light source can not be too large, in accordance with people’s habits meanwhile, select the color temperature below than 6000K LED light source.

As for key areas of special lighting in the room, it’s professional and more attention should be paid. Mainly focused light-LED Spotlight be used at the present. Such as showcase in clothing, gold jewelry, jewelry, platinum jewelry and so on. As well as food, industrial special lighting needed to be designed light source carefully.

When choose and buy, the four points should be noted: LED color temperature, color rendering index, beam angle, power (illumination and brightness).

Take gold jewelry for example, light color temperature could not higher than 3200 k (warm), color rendering index could not less than 80, the beam angle can’t be too wide (or it tends to  be flood lamp), the power cannot be too small. But for platinum jewelry, the minimum of color temperature not less than 6000k, and color rendering index cannot less than 75. Obviously, select light source must be careful for different lighting applications.

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