The advantages of Flexible LED Strips

Interpretation on advantages of Flexible LED Strips, they work perfect for both decoration and lighting.

1)     Pure Color. LED flexible light strip uses high-brightness SMD LED as light-emitting element.hence, have the advantages of the LED light-emitting element, which are pure light color, soft, and no glare. The strip for decorative purposes, also lighting purposes.

2)     Flexibility. Flexible LED strip adopts very flexible FPC as the base board, bended without breaking, easy to shape, suitable for the modellings required on all kinds of advertising.

3)     Heat less. Flexible LED Strip is LED light-emitting element, because of the low power, not high heat. it can be used as fish tank decoration lighting, and won’t produce a lot of calories, leading to higher water temperature affects the growth of fish.

4)     Energy Saving. The power of SMD 5050 flexible led strip is 7.2 W per meter with 30LEDs,compared with traditional lighting and decorative lights,better effect with power reduced.

5)     Environmental protection. the flexible LED Strips,composed either LED or FPC material,environmental protection, recyclable and have no environmental pollution and destruction if extensive use.

6)     Security.Flexible LED Strip with a low voltage dc 12 voltage, No matter the elderly, and children, all are safe to use and will not cause safe hidden trouble.

7)     Easy installation. The installation for flexible LED Strip is very simple, with clamp, can be installed in a various supporting surface. In addition,double-sided adhesive can also realize the function of fixed. To installation without the professionals, you can really enjoy DIY decoration.

8)     Long lifetime. The normal service life of LED flexible light strip is 3~ 500000 hours, which is several times longer than that of traditional lamps.

Wide  application scopes. With flexibility, thin, pure color and many other characteristics, they are widely used in building outline, steps and platform, bridge, hotel, KTV decorative lighting, as well as the production of advertising signs, all kinds of large-scale animation, calligraphy and painting of the advertisement design etc. As the gradually mature of technology on flexible led light, its application scope will bcome wider and wider..

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