SMD led tube characteristics and analyzes advantages and disadvantages

A, LED light source characteristics

1. Voltage: snowfall led tube lights use the low voltage power supply, the power supply voltage in between 6 to 24 V, according to the product vary, so it is a more security than using high voltage power supply of power supply, especially used in public places.

2. Effectiveness: energy consumption compared with the efficacy of incandescent lamp reduced by 80%

3. Applicability: small, each unit LED small pieces are 3-5mm square, so can prepare into various shapes of the device, and suitable for variable environment

4. Stability: 100000 hours, light failure to initial 50%

5. Response time: the incandescent light bulb response time for milliseconds level, is the response time of the LED lights for ns level

6. On environmental pollution: without harmful metallic mercury

7. Color: Change the current can change color, light emitting diode effortlessly through the chemically modified method, adjust the material band structure and band gap, realize the red green yellow glow orange color more Syria. Such as small current red LED, with the increase of the current, can in turn into orange, yellow, and finally for the Green

Second, solar powered led tube lights technology advantage

(1) brightness and color of the dynamic control are easy: This is a LED light source at present compared with the traditional maximum advantage.

(2) the appearance of a small size: this to the interior space of the lighting design provides additional ideas.

(3) The long life: in some need of light and 24 hours of use and maintenance convenient occasion with a great strength.

(4) teams do not contain infrared and ultraviolet ray: can meet specific items to show the special requirements of lighting.

(5) LED a very strong light direction: calm to LED lamps appearance design and the distribution of the light distribution control.

(6) Energy saving: in colour lighting area, LED have shown in the extremely obvious energy saving.

Three, sunbrite led tube the drawbacks

(1) costs high:

LED indoor lamps and lanterns, purchasing cost about is the traditional lighting lamps 5 ~ 10 times with power increase, the cost is almost LED linear increase

(2) light color quality: colour temperature is on the high side, show color sex low

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