Plasmaglow lightning eyes led headlight strips 21 century new light source

Page in progress, science and technology in the development, lighting products is also unceasingly replaced. From the first generation of the lighting, to incandescent lamp lighting, then the fluorescent lighting. The rapid development of the economy has, bring the deterioration of the environment, energy shortages. Use powerbrite led strips have been recognized as one of the most energy conservation and environmental protection products. Leds are semiconductor, it the most distinct advantages are high luminous efficiency, no pollution, long service life, resistant to vibration and impact resistance is strong, etc.

Don’t rely on filament fever LED to shine, energy conversion, high efficiency, and in theory only need to incandescent lamp 10% of energy consumption, compared with fluorescent lamps, LED you only need to 50% of fluorescent lamp energy consumption.
The LED energy utilization rate is as high as 80% above, the data show that, because programmable led strip is cold light source, with the common use of the incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, compared to electricity saving efficiency can achieve 90% above. LED low calorific value, no radiation, belongs to the cold light, can be safely touch can precisely control the light type and emitting light Angle, light color downy, no glare, do not contain mercury, sodium and a health hazard of toxic substances. LED not broken, waste recycling no pollution. The use of LED life is very slow up to 100000 hours. The rich and colorful color LED with a white, blue, yellow, orange, red, etc.
LED light source said the cold light extremely practical for business. Purple led strip the most outstanding characteristic is won’t produce high quantity of heat, such as summer use normal bulb lighting, the light bulb itself great power consumption, plus it releases heat and air conditioning to produce more of the burden, air conditioning needs more power consumption, also said that these electricity is wasted, a long time this is a big cost, for stores, however, the big bill had to forget it. LED light source color pure not ultraviolet ray, commodity packaging won’t cause fade in color, not to be as items heating, especially in the inside of the exhibiting in food, can extend the shelf life of food, colour and lustre can maintain. So it is suitable to stores, department stores, bars, coffee shops, museums, art galleries, studios and the hotel, the guesthouse, conference room, exhibition, living room, advertising, and atmosphere foil. LED because it’s safe, reliable, and utilize LED the miner’s made, no spark, won’t cause a gas explosion, greatly improving the underground worker safety. High efficiency and energy saving long life service life can reach to hours of light is not included in ultraviolet light health and infrared, do not produce the radiation green environmental protection, do not contain mercury and lead and other harmful elements, beneficial to the recovery and utilization protect vision, dc drive, no frequency flash high efficiency, hot small, ninety percent of the electric energy into light high safety coefficient, the voltage, current smaller, do not produce the security hidden danger.

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