Led tube 12v

LED office lighting is mainly refers to used in offices LED lighting lamps and lanterns, it mainly has LED tube bulb, LED canister light, shoot the light, LED lamp LED and so on, LED office lighting to its high efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving advantages attract numerous consumer of vision. Not merely in so, in Japan, LED by the field office lighting is welcome.

It is on the energy saving, environmental protection, low carbon and other areas of excellent performance, LED now widely used in instructions, display, back light, lighting and other fields, effectively into People’s Daily life, also became the various countries’ race to compete for technology and industrial strategy commanding heights.
It is reported. Japan is to promote energy conservation and led tube bulbs and lanterns, especially in the office lighting led lighting is extremely popular.
Japan, basic research in the life start of the lease of nine section center buildings does not depend on the implementation of intelligent lighting ceiling light reduction measures. Through lighting LED the largest lighting power consumption can be estimated cut by 7. Was the existing building tenants can to make their own electricity saving attempt, test power saving effect.
With the change in buildings office floors, born on basic research in late March from beginning to carry out scholarly reduce light measures. On the whole floor of the lease, in the office and about 800 m2 reception of space configuration 111 light work lighting and around 79 light lighting.
Through the newly installed on your desk of lighting and ensure that useful work around the brightness around lighting, don’t use the existing ceiling fluorescent, to realize office space power saving. Lighting and work around for the use of all lighting socket led tube Christmas lights, no socket outside of the electrical construction.
Also in comparison pay attention to practical and design sex. Around about lighting, because the light is sufficient current products and other reasons, special order from the height of 180cm to illuminate the vessels of the ceiling. Improve the lighting intensity of the intensity of effect.

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