LED packaging technology decision LED tube fluorescent reliability

From future photoelectric industry development trend, the led v fluorescent want to get more ascending and progress, and the main factors or in led canister light chip efficacy the ascension of the above, and packaging technology progress is to promote the led canister light properties of a very important factor.

Many readers must want to know. The difference of packaging technology to LED canister light will ultimately produce what effect?
Actually, the difference of packaging technology directly influenced LED canister light quality, good encapsulation and cooling technology can make LED at 60 temperature and work the following. Life can be more than 50000 hours. And poor packaging technology will make life more than half LED shortened.
Even led versus fluorescent effect depends on the luminous efficiency 90% chip, 10% depends on package structure of phosphor and stimulate efficiency; LED canister light reliability 30% depends on the chip, 70% depends on the packaging technology, packaging materials, packaging structure and packaging management; LED canister light cooling is 50% depends on the structure, 50% depends on the packaging of the structure design and thermal heat material selection.
LED the industry in the field wide attention of LED lighting, packaging technology progress is especially important. At present the increases efficiency chip LED canister light has a practical application of the energy saving of advantage, but its reliability and service life is need to rely on packaging technology to further improve, only in the ascension of the while increasing its efficiency LED life, make won’t appear easily die lamp phenomenon. So it does not appear “save electricity doesn’t save money” awkward. LED lighting market can speed up the open.
Want to do well led versus fluorescent lights, enterprise is the need of very high technical strength, some people even think actually the value of packaging technology as chip production, such as how to solve led canister light heat dissipation, how to reduce the led canister light thermal resistance, how to increase led canister light out light efficiency, how to increase led canister light of reliability, etc, these problems must be reasonable processing.

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