Juno led downlight

Led cabinet downlights is widely used in the office, office buildings and some commercial high-grade business place, because his energy saving, brightness, and every environmental protection, so gradually has been accepted by all.

Kitchen led downlights using high brightness led tube as the light source, low pressure constant current drive, safe, reliable, and less consumption, long service life. The pure aluminum frame after finishing anodic oxidation and become, appearance and concise vogue, never change color, good thermal management can effectively ensure the long-term stability LED. Panel using highhigh lightlight, the light penetrating efficiency. The lamps simple operation, light-up instantly, no flash, no sound frequency sound, no glare, lead, mercury and other harmful substances. Lamps convenient installation, which can be directly replaced the ceiling for embedded installation, also can use lamps at the back of the DiaoZhuangKong areas.The, extensively used in a conference room, top grade office and other places.
Led 12v downlight of future market prospect is obvious to us, as long as in the Chinese market, and strict quality and price were not, I believe that the Chinese market will be led by the vigorous development, far more than the international level. China is likewise population, so energy conservation and emission reduction are especially important to China.

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