How to improve the quality of the green led light strip

Green led light strips lighting and is very popular in recent years, by consumer’s favor and the high praise, this is because it price is very high, practical strong, in addition to having the main advantages of saving energy and environmental protection outside, its product appearance frivolous, luminous property good, the life is long, reason has been accepted for the market.

But there is development simply can have progress. LED lamp panel to become a mainstream lighting lamp and lanterns, and some areas in need of improvement.
In order to improve the reliability, extended product life, in accordance with the relevant standards, may to the LED panel lamp products do some improvement.
In the heat, the traditional way is to add a heat sink. Nevertheless, after optimization design of green led strip of cone shape design realize. First, because the cone can form a variety of “ventilation pipe”, so as to help the light bulb transfer heat, realize the heat transfer. Second, the reasonable selection of on the device, the trial out unqualified or early failure products also helps improve the reliability of the product. In addition, affordable process improvement can be also to improve the service life of the product to provide help. In simple terms, is to through standard inexpensive process to reduce the stress on the device by effect and strengthen product performance, improve LED panel lights durability.
For the enterprise itself for, in order to improve the reliability, extended product life, in accordance with the applicable standards, bay to the green led strip lights do some improvement. For example, decrease the temperature use products, to improve the reliability of the product, and extend the service life of the product, can play an immediate effect.
In general, improve the product’s reliability can effectively improve the grade of the lamp LED panel, and produce higher price, for enterprises to create more economic benefits. At the same time, to these products of honest and reliable authentication will increase the credibility of the enterprises, help enterprise more smoothly into the European and American market.

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