Bright led strip source design system analysis

LED panel lights have the energy conservation, the environmental protection, long service life, resistant to vibration, high efficiency, low voltage, easy to control the light, small frivolous wait for a characteristic, lighting with outstanding advantages, loved by consumers.

Bright led strips at present mainly used in commercial lighting area and part of the household lighting area, to large-scale foray into general lighting. technology and cost must also be significantly improved.
1. Raise LED panel lights show color sex
Now, White LED panel lights common use hair blue LED by superposition of the yellow light blue stimulus yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG) phosphor, synthesis of white light. The sensitivity of the human eye to color difference is much higher than the sensitivity of the light intensity of illumination is concerned, light color rendering often more important than the luminous efficiency. So join the amount of glowing red phosphor and can keep high luminous efficiency is LED one of the white light to illuminate the principal topic.
2. LED panel lights of secondary optical system design
Traditional incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamps with long-term light trails of optical and shape to lamps and the standard, so the brightest led strip system should consider abandoning traditional lamps add led module assembly method, and fully consider its optical properties, led light source specifically designed for different lamps and lanterns.
The optical system design content mainly includes the following aspects: (1) according to the lighting object, the demand of flux, decided to the shape of the optical system, the number and power of LED size; (2) will be several LED tube combination design into point light source, ring or face light source of “the second light source,” based on a combination of secondary light source, the calculation of lighting optical system; (3) constitute illumination optics design of “the second light” on each one of the pipe light distribution control with LED is very important.
3. Buy led strip the quantity of heat of system management
General often say LED for cold light. This is because LED principle is a composite directly through electronic photons, and don’t need the hot process. But because of the existence of the joule heat, light in LED can also have a heat with, because the compulsory air cooling usually in the light source is not advisable, so as the input power rise, heat sink and other natural convection cooling method enhancement in LED lights and light design play an increasingly important role.
LED panel lamp emit beam concentrated, more easy to control, and don’t need to be focusing reflector, at the same time use optical technology, LED by the catheter with direct light, which can significantly reduce the source and other components of the volume occupied, so the volume of lights LED panel is fairly small, appearance is more frivolous, this also is very popular one reason.

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